Moving to another blog addy

considering the new turn in my life (and the fact that someone else has my blog name as their .com addy), I just thought it’d be cool to have my own kwim? soooo you can now find me at

I’m thinking about getting my very own dot com addy. That’d be kinda neat. I’ll keep ya posted!


Whew! I is one tireddd woman lol

Not too bad though. I think this garden will be good exercise for me and (not to mention) full of goodies down the road :D.

I planted: 6 zucchini plants, 6 cucumber plants, 3-6 foot rows of sweet corn, 2- 6 foot rows of purple hull peas, and 3- 6 foot rows of white butter beans.

I also cultivated and watered the rest of my garden by hand as well. Seemed kinda silly and wasteful to drag out the tiller for that little bit. Sooooo I just used the cultivator end of my hoe and went to work!

My two youngest actually helped a bit too and didn’t really complain that much! Definitely a BONUS!

I’m gonna start tomato and pepper seeds tomorrow so I can have some plants to replace the ones that aren’t doing too good and also to have some for the fall as well.

Happy gardening everybody!

So I decided to clean out the walk-in closet in my master bedroom…

and I had no idea that I have that much friggin stuff in there. What I THOUGHT was going to take maybe a day or so is turning into a month-long event! Ok. Maybe I’m exaggerating SLIGHTLY, but it’s definitely gonna take alot longer than a day to finish 😦 Guess I should get back to work instead of bloggin huh? but that little kid in me wants to do everything BUT clean out my closet…I wanna go outside and playyyyy, blow bubbles, color or something fun…cleaning is NOT FUN NOT FUN NOT FUN but the grown up knows I gotta do it. ::sigh::

I’ve been reading about canning

and I’m kinda scared to try it…as biology major, I guess it scares me even more…I cook safely and nobody’s gotten food poisoning from my meals, but canning? I really don’t have a clue even with all the great instruction I’m getting. I’m reading Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, but I’m still reluctant to try it. I know I know I know! People have been doing it for years and years, but I haven’t been doing it for years and years . Guess there’s a first time for everything. The biggest question is: where in the world am I gonna put it all?

I’m doing things little by little, but I’m reading ALOT

I LOVE to read and when I find a subject I enjoy reading about? Wellllllll reading then becomes an obsession for me. So, at the moment, I’m obessed with gardening/farming/homesteading/self-sufficiency.

Ya’ll please forgive my frequent posts…

I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I honestly created it to keep track of stuff just in case of some unforeseen event 😛 I know it’s not facebook or twitter, but I really enjoy updating my blog and I still have a bit before I go back to college classes…soooooooo I’m kinda sorta bored…that is all for the moment 😛

I have spent the better part of my time lately

sorting through my sewing fabric…now that may not seem like much of a chore, but I can undoubtly assure you that it is. Been stored in my closet and it’s got that funkaayyyyyy mildewy aroma and I’ve had to wash and line dry everything…glad to say I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m nearly finished washing, sorting and repacking everything. YAY!

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